Acquiring a business? Starting a new business?

Before you make any decision or sign any agreement, it's important to undergo the due diligence process. If this is the first time you've heard about it, then do not worry as we have put together a FREE resource guide on the fundamentals and importance of the due diligence process. Simply fill in the form to instantly access and download your FREE copy of our e-book.

Pathway to achieve business ambition

Whether you are purchasing a business or starting a new business, it it important to have all the key pieces together so you can realise your business dreams.  There are many moving parts which can be costly both in time and money.  

With The Enterprise Edge we can assist you in making the right decision about your potential purchase and/or how to establish your business for your success. Our services will include: 

  • Assessment of business profit and loss, including revenue streams, variable and fixed costs
  • Review of the business cash cycle and payment terms for both suppliers and customers
  • Review of assets and inventory including the values placed on them
  • Consideration of ATO liabilities (this can depend on what aspect of the business is being purchased)
  • Analysis of the marketplace including competitors, business forecasts and projections
  • Determining staffing requirements, entitlements and working capital


As a first time business owner this can be a terrifying yet exciting time.  Once again there are many moving parts to consider and where possible, to avoid.  The Enterprise Edge can assist you through your business journey with:

  • Business structuring advice and setup
  • Establishing and managing ATO obligations
  • Setup, train and maintain cloud-based accounting practices
  • Determine cash flow forecasts to ensure working capital requirements are met
  • Establish realistic budgets and targets 
  • Ongoing advice and support for new asset purchases and other strategic business decisions

If you are looking to become a business owner, seek the right advice.  With The Enterprise Edge we want to ensure your hard-earned investment does not go to waste as getting it wrong can be devastating.   We have assisted many individuals to transition into business ownership and continue to support their growth.  

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"The Enterprise Edge is a fantastic accounting firm. They are always willing to assist and always available. As a start up company I have found their knowledge and expertise to be of the highest quality and would have no hesitation in recommending their service to any business or private person."

Debbie M.

"Where others say you can't, we find a way you can"

Our purpose is to ensure accuracy of your financial records, reliability that we are with you at every step and innovative in establishing your right solution.
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